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Carpet Installation Portland

Shopping for carpet and floor services is easy at at our carpet & flooring company. No matter the style you’re looking for or the space you need to cover, our experts can help you find the beautiful carpet or floor that meets your needs. Call us at 831-201-6860 or contact us via the form to talk to us about your flooring needs. We pride ourselves on providing the best in products, installation and service to clients in Portland and the surrounding communities.

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Scratch resistant, water resistant, and stain resistant tiles are a classic choice.

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Our Portland installation experts invite you to view our flooring gallery featuring the many types of carpeting, hardwood and other flooring installation services that we provide. We are proud to serve the Portland community. Call us at 831-201-6860 speak to one of our carpet and flooring installation experts!

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As the leading flooring installation Portland services company in Portland, Oregon, we offer a variety of flooring services that cover any solution you might need, from new carpet or flooring installation Portland services, down to routine repair and maintenance. Call us today to speak with an

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About Carpet and Flooring Installation Procedure and Preparation

You've contacted us and selected your amazing new flooring to renovate your new or existing home in Portland, Oregon. We have a vast amount of brands for your new carpet or flooring installation as our floor & carpet stores are premium quality. Before your installation day approaches, understand that our carpet and flooring experts are professional craftsman and need to have the floor properly prepared before they can install your new flooring. Whether you are interested in new exotic laminated flooring or maybe a plushy soft carpet, the below checklist aims will help you prep your place so we can deliver you fantastic results.

● Remove all objects that are fragile. This may seem obvious when it comes to starting a new carpet or flooring project, but it’s worth making sure you do not have any items that are fragile well before the installation date. Time goes by quick and the last thing you want is for our experts to be in your house moving heavy objects that can shake the floors & walls and potentially knock your favorite objects. Try to remove fragile things like glasses and paintings on the wall if it is near the installation area. It is also a good idea to remove drapes and things on the wall that may get in the way. Remove items from bookcases and cabinets that our installer will be moving.

● Determine who will remove objects like the furniture and the subfloor if needed. When you about an estimate for the installation with our carpet and flooring installation experts, it's a good idea to ask about an all-inclusive project estimated cost. This means that the quoted price of installation would include services such as moving heavy objects and appliances. Also, if your house's sub-floor needs to be prepared or removed, this may need to be completed prior to the installation. Try to schedule your installation appointment only once these tasks are completed.

● Arrange to disconnect gas appliances and electronics that are plugged in. If the installation of the flooring is in rooms with gas appliances and electronics, possibly kitchens or laundry rooms, ensure that they are not connected. For some homeowners, this can be handled easily themselves, but if you have any doubts about what should be done and how to do it correctly, schedule with our installation experts so that we can do this for you.

● See if any change to the height of the floor requires adjustments to doors for them to open and close properly. Options such as vinyl flooring and laminate flooring can be installed using direct glue or by floating, which means it can be installed over most common floors. With this type of flexibility, we need to take into account the additional height of the floor will should allow interior and entrance doors to swing open and close properly. 

● Clear the space in the area where the flooring is to be replaced with carpet or a new floor. These home projects can get pretty hectic sometimes and obvious details can get lost. Make sure that furniture is removed, fragile items are no where near the area, and the walls nearby are all clear. If so, you are all ready for the installation and our installation experts will also point out anything else once they are arrive so no need to worry if you think you've forgotten something.

● Ensuring that the floors are properly cleaned before will make the installation go much smoother for our experts. For your overall home health, it is best practice to minimize allergens, dust, and mold on the subfloor beforehand and to make sure their is proper air ventilation in the area. This will make sure that our experts can verify there is no problems with your existing floor and can actually improve the air quality and health of your home.

You have enough things to stress or worry about as a homeowner, so having things setup will ensure that the installation process goes smoothly and will ensure that your new home renovation is a success. The truth is, without taking the time for these steps, unexpected situations make come up including uneven, peeling, or even bubbling finished floors over time.  Whether you’re installing hardwood, carpet, laminate, tile or vinyl, follow these general guidelines so you're all prepared. Then, let our Portland carpet installation and flooring installation Portland experts at our company take over in creating your beautiful floor!